Just Say it!

Just Say it!

This past week has been very interesting.  I have had two occasions where I struggled to speak my voice and just be… well.. ME.  The first was with a friend who was asking me for relationship advice and I neglected to tell her my real thoughts because I didn’t feel like she really wanted it.  Sometimes, people are ready to act and make changes and other times, they’re not.  Intuitively, I feel like she’s not in a place to act on anything I tell her, so I just didn’t go there.  The point is that, I honestly don’t know if she was ready to act. When your girlfriends ask for advice or help we owe it to them to give it them.

Then, this evening, I was speaking to a friend about something that I felt was uncomfortable.  Now first let me say, I am all about speaking my truth, but my problem is having TRUST in another’s ability to receive or respect what I have to say.  (This comes from a lots of historical evidence that people naturally place judgement and are not safe)  So I’ll massage the point, I will go around the point, I will fight with the point and do every thing except GET TO IT!

In the meantime, I felt my friend becoming confused and frustrated as I bounced around with what it was I had to say. Luckily for me, she was standing in the virtue of GRACE.  I can tell you, when people don’t get to the point, I feel like they are hiding something from me or being shady!  And… that’s exactly what I was doing. And you know what.. in the end, I actually felt weird and slimy for losing power in my communication.

How many times have I had conversations with people only to lament afterwards because I lost power and the message got completely jumbled or even lost.

So ladies, this week, I am taking on the practice of being STRAIGHT in my communication.  I have two more conversations this week that can be considered “difficult” if I am not centered in my power and trust that the spirit of love will be translated above all else.

Affirmation:  I speak with straight, authentic communication rooted in love.

In love & light!

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