Michelle Is Getting Aligned!

Michelle Is Getting Aligned!

On November 9th, 2016, I woke up to what felt like a nightmare.  Confused, devastated, sick and unsafe.  Honestly I believed that 11/9 had the same devastating impact on our country that 9/11 did.  For a week, I walked around in a haze, which turned into anger, then fear, then anger again.  I finally just landed on sadness. The sadness came from a realization that there will be so many more people without health insurance.  People will be separated from their families. People, including more children, will be emboldened to bring harm to those already in the margins of society.

Then after I was literally sick and tired of being sad, I knew it was time to do something. But before I did, I needed to get into alignment with the Most High. To do this… I had to call on “Grace”. When I can’t forgive, can’t understand, can’t let go…

I go to God and ask for grace. Lord knows I need it, but also I needed to give it.

I always start by giving thanks for all that I have. But when I found this article, by Donna Miesbach, It really helped me let go, surrender and submit to God’s grace.

Here are some ways you can align yourself with the flow of grace in your life.

  1. Trust the universe. Lift up whatever it is you seek and turn it over to the universe. Whatever is in your best interest is already assured, so release your desire to the universe and let your life flow easily and naturally. When you let the river of life take you where it will, you align yourself with your highest good.
  2. Trust yourself. Walk the high road as you see it. Be faithful to your vision of what that road is like. If something comes along that you aren’t sure about, check in with your body for guidance. If your body isn’t comfortable with what you’re considering, don’t proceed. The body never lies.
  3. Learn to accept what is. Every moment is exactly as it should be, whether it seems like it or not. Letting go of judgment makes it easier to accept what is. This makes it possible to find contentment in each and every moment.
  4. Embrace generosity. Learn to recognize and embrace your own natural generosity and sense of well-being. All your needs have already been prepared. Open your heart to others.
  5. Pray/Meditate. Become familiar with the wideness of your spirit through regular meditation. Bring space and expansiveness into your life by letting go of any limiting thoughts and feelings that interfere with the innate joy and happiness of your spirit.
  6. Celebrate grace. Be open to movements of grace in your life. Notice all the little ways it smooths the path for you, all the many ways it blesses you.
  7. Live your life in tandem with the higher will. Follow the cosmic (God’s) wisdom which is ever seeking to guide you. You are never alone. Bringing your will in line with the higher will allows you to move with grace and peace through each and every day.

Now, more than ever, get in alignment and trust the good that surrounds you. It’s there all the time, if you would only look.

In love & light!


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