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With a preponderance of the literature on African American girls focusing on issues such as teenage pregnancy and high school dropout rates among urban African American adolescent girls, this study sought to provide a healthy view of African American girls as leaders and agents of change. The purpose of this study was to give voice to African American girls to understand how they come to define, perceive, and express themselves as leaders.  Click here to read more.





wakeUPgirl is proud to present its line of affirmation apparel, “The Reflections Collection” – A stylish t-shirt line that features a positive affirmation for the wearer.  The featured design of this line is the “Reflection Wear” which is special message typed backwards so that it reflects correctly when the wearer looks in the mirror, just like this. The intention is for her to be reminded that she is “beautiful” or “powerful” or to “believe” in herself every time she looks in the mirror;  encouraging a healthy self-perception.

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