Pop Up Sister Circles

If there is one thing we women know how to do it’s to come together in support and healing. When we get together as powerful, compassionate and loving women, its inspiring. Oh! And don’t even get us talking about a topic that we are all lit up by, either. The energy that starts to flow is indescribable. I believe that the natural order is for us women to work together. But over time, we’ve become conditioned to go it alone. We forget about how much we need and feed each other.

Until we get together…

WakeUPgirl has created a community of sisters from all walks of life who come together, ground ourselves, relax and celebrate our magic. Our Pop Up Sister Circles are designed for us to connect, dream, think differently and be stronger in our day-to-day lives.

Here is why you should join our Sister Circle and attend our Pop Up Events. You are:

  • Struggling with attracting the love, abundance and opportunities you desire and deserve
  • Keep experiencing the same painful patterns no matter what you try
  • Paralyzed by gripping fear to take action, but are suffering by not taking action
  • Live from your head instead of your heart, intuition and faith
  • Hate your body/self
  • Play small by lacking the clarity, courage and magical tools to co-create the vision you have for your best life

By choosing to become a part of this community here’s what you’ll get:

Free admission to a quarterly pop up sister circle event facilitated by Michelle Majors (A $25 value)

Connection/networking with other like-minded women

Greater advancement and self-discovery

A monthly video to inspire you to LIVE YOUR MAGIC

A great way to relax and unwind

Valuable resources and information to take your life to another level


You are someone who has a dream locked and inside and you are ready to release it to the world!  Get ready to engage in highly curated events that help you connect with your passion, celebration your power, network with other like-minded women and fully connect with your beauty and that of other women in this community.

Each event is at a surprise (pop-up) location, featuring a different topic and different women to connect with – all designed to inspire you to live your magic.

Sign up here to join our community of like-minded women. If you are looking for deeper connection, more fun, sisterhood, build your business or just simply live a more inspired life come and join us.

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Yes, I Want It!